Components of a Successful Export Product

A common question is “what makes a product sellable?” Buyers in the global market look for a variety of components when selecting their products and placing orders. These components are the building blocks of product development. They are the focus of market research and analysis. They are the key elements of design for products. The components include:

1. Function – a utilitarian purpose for the lifestyles of the target market (see product categories in the next section for more information)

2. Size – a variety of sizes meeting the standards of the target market

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3. Color – a selection of colors including traditional, neutral and trend colors

4. Pattern & Texture – a variety of patterns and textures from simple to complex, particularly patterns reflecting the origin and function of the products

5. Prices – competitive prices in relation to the products’ quality and design

6. Packaging – attractive hangtags with interesting product information and goods which are easy to pack and ship without breakage

7. Story – a great selling tool, buyers are increasingly interested in how a product was made, who made it, under what conditions and any additional positive social or environmental impact the product has.


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