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Chris Haughton is a designer and illustrator and also an author of childrens books. Before he became involved in books he was active in fair trade and has been a supporter and designer for the fair trade company People Tree for many years. In 2010 he took 8 months off to to re-connect to fair trade and find ways his design could work more directly with the fair trade groups in Nepal. Images of his rug designs became popular on the web and were featured in many blogs. Designers were emailing to ask if they could design their own rugs and buyers were emailing to ask if they could buy them. Node was set up to help facilitate this.


Node collaborates with our partner Kumbeshwar Technical School (KTS) in Kathmandu, Nepal.  KTS is an educational and vocational training centre supporting the needs of low-income families throughout Nepal.

It had been very difficult getting bulk orders for rugs since the recession hit in 2008, the bulk orders has been declining every year. We had been pushing on to market bespoke rugs and that is when we met Chris who offered to help us in marketing our rugs”. He has been fantastic in marketing the bespoke rugs to illustrators and artist around the world. – Satyendra  (KTS)

Node’s 18×18 collection is now available to buy from The Design Museum. Each design is produced in a limited edition of ten. Watch this video to get a glimpse of the process!


Images by Peter Guenzel (in situ studio shots) and Carolin Weinkopf






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