SERRV is an information gateway for artisans around the world and the people who work with them to connect, learn, and share information. Here you can find resources that focus on issues that small-scale artisans and craft organizations face, as well as an interactive space where individuals can share their own experiences, find people with similar interests, discover answers to questions, and more.

Who is ArtisanWork for?

ArtisanWork is a space for artisan organizations, people working with artisans, and others who have skills and knowledge to share, to interact and build connections. The goal of this site is have the voices of artisan organizations in developing regions of the world be heard, and to have their questions addressed. We encourage the participation of artisan organizations who are members of international and regional fair trade organizations. We also welcome the participation of alternative trade organizations whose work promotes the development of artisan groups, as well as others who have experience and knowledge that can help to answer the questions that artisan groups face in their daily work, including designers, dyeing experts, potters, and people with experience in small and medium enterprise development, to name just a few.


The materials contained in this web site are for information purposes only. Any person intending to use or transmit the information contained in the ArtisanWork site should be aware that they are relying on their own judgement and are solely responsible for the use and outcomes of use of any information.  SERRV International expressly disclaims all liability to any person in respect of the consequences of anything done or omitted to be done wholly or partly in reliance upon the whole or any part of the contents of this web site. SERRV International is not responsible for any third party content which can be accessed through this web site.

Comments or messages posted to the ArtisanWork site represent the personal views of the users, and do not represent the position or opinion of SERRV International. In posting edited and unedited messages, SERRV International accepts no responsibility for their veracity or authenticity or the content or opinions expressed within.


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